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Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews for 2018

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Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews for 2018

Electric lawn mowers have always been underrated, underused and overlooked in favor of meatier, gas guzzlers.

But the trend is changing courtesy more powerful lithium-ion batteries that have mitigated some of the common concerns often cited by homeowners while speaking about electrically powered lawn care equipment.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we created this best electric lawn mower reviews post.

Electric lawn mowers these days offer performance on-par with their gas counterparts, if not better.

The ownership costs are almost identical over the lifespan of the mower. They are low on maintenance, don’t bellow smoke, are quieter.

What’s stopping you from swapping that old clunker with a swanky new electric lawn mower?

Psst…here’s a glimpse into our best electric lawn mower reviews.


#1 – EGO LM2102SP – Editor’s pick

Powered by a beefy 56-Volt battery that lasts a full hour before it runs out juice, the EGO LM2102SP is perfect for small and medium sized lawns (Less than 1/3 of an acre).

This is a self-propelled, cordless mower that boasts of features like 6-height adjustments to the cutting deck, a 21-inch swath and a telescopic handle, all of which sum up into better handling and reduced mowing time.

You have the option to bag or mulch and the lightweight machine doesn’t eat up into a lot of storage space.

A treat to use

Using the LM2102SP is a treat. It weighs a pleasant 58 pounds and maneuvers are made easier thanks to the large 9-inch wheels on the base.

The padded handles provide an excellent grip even if you have sweaty palms. You can adjust the cutting deck height from 1.5 inches to 4 inches with one hand even when the machine is operational.

After use, the handle can be folded and the unit tucks away into a corner of your garage.

Charges in a jiffy

One of the best features of the EGO LMP2102 is the quick recharging time. Most of the older Lithium-Ion batteries took at least an hour and a half to recharge. The new 56-Volt one that ships with the EGO recharges in 40 minutes flat.

The only possible niggle is that it weighs a whopping 6 pounds. But if you are willing to overlook that, then you can mow your entire lawn (depending on the size and the condition) in less than an hour.


• Self-propelled mower
• Variable speed
• 21-inch cutting deck
• 6 height adjustments
• Easy lever for changing heights
• Weighs 58 pounds only
• Can bag or mulch
• Battery recharges in 40 minutes
• One hour run time
• Perfect for small and medium-sized lawns


• The mulching feature isn’t as powerful as one expects. You’d probably have to mow slower to prevent the unit from throwing out un-mulched grass.

#2 – Echo CLM-58V4AH

The Echo CLM-58V4AH ticks a lot of the boxes that one looks for from a reliable electric lawn mower.
It is lightweight, has a powerful 4Ah battery that can be clubbed with an additional one if need be and features a 58V brushless motor that makes short work of all types of turf grass.

It’s no wonder that this is one of the best electric lawn mowers in recent times.

Easy to maneuver

The Echo CLM-58V4AH is a brute of a machine.

It has a lightweight composite deck (with a lifetime warranty) that ensures that mow time doesn’t translate into a rigorous workout. Weighing less than 60 pounds, pushing this mower around is a breeze.

The large 9-inch wheels allow you to navigate through slightly bumpy terrain as well.

You can adjust the height of the 21-inch cutting deck to 7 positions.

But the operation might seem slightly cumbersome to someone who’s transitioning from a single-lever height adjustment mechanism which is the norm these days.

Lots of juice

Most people are surprised at the torque that the 58V brushless motor is able to generate. The Echo CLM-58V4AH will glide through your turf.

The stock 4Ah battery has enough power to last for at least half an acre. Utilize the add-on battery port and you can mow an entire acre with the CLM-58V4AH.

The integrated key selector allows you to select the battery that you wish to draw power from.

Lastly, we love the automatic speed variation that kicks in whenever the mower senses thicker grass. Certainly beats having to vary the speed yourself.


• Lightweight mower with a composite deck
• Lifetime guarantee on the deck
• Dual battery port
• 4Ah battery
• 7 height adjustments
• Can mow up to an acre with both batteries
• Automatic speed variations


• Not a self-propelled mower
• Slightly tedious mechanism for adjusting the cutting deck height.

#3 – Greenworks Pro GLM801602

Greenworks’ Pro range of lawn care tools have managed to bridge the gap between commercial and homeowner use.

The GLM801602 lawn mower is part of their extremely popular series of tools that are all compatible with the 4.0Ah battery that ships with the mower.

You have the option to buy this with one, two or no batteries, which works best if you already own other tools (Leaf blower, brushless chainsaw) from this range.

Just swap the batteries and power the mower.

Performance that rivals a gas powered mower

You’ll love the angled-chassis with the gigantic 10-inch wheels on the Greenworks Pro GLM801602.

Gives it a race car like appearance when its operational.

And although the overall profile looks bulky, it is surprisingly lightweight (Less than 65 pounds) and nimble on the wheels.

The 21-inch polymer cutting deck can take a few bumps and knocks in its stride and it translates into fewer passes while mowing.

Height adjustment is as easy as pulling on a lever and you can adjust it to 7 height increments on-the-fly.

Twin 80V batteries

Each 4Ah battery lasts for a whopping 60 minutes and has a short charge time of 30 minutes.

With two of these onboard, you can easily mow up to an acre in less than two hours.

The runtime alone makes this a great choice for homes with large lawns.

You have the option to mulch or bag as you mow and an intuitively placed airflow indicator shows you when it’s time to empty the bag.


• Part of Greenworks’ Pro GLM801602 range of lawn care equipment
• 21-inch polymer cutting deck
• Weighs only 62 pounds without the bag
• Dual battery ports
• Each 4Ah battery lasts for 60 minutes
• Charges in 30 minutes
• Can mow up to an acre
• 7 height increments
• 10-inch wheels


• Not a self-propelled mower and hence, may not be a good choice for lawns with inclines

#4 – Ryobi RY40190

Despite all the advances in battery tech, good quality self-propelled electric lawn mowers are surprisingly scarce.
The Ryobi RY40190 is one of the few that have the specs to boast about and the performance to match them.

This is a self-propelled cordless lawn mower with a 20-inch cutting deck and can be powered by any of the compatible batteries from Ryobi’s range of power tools.

We highly recommend the 5.0 Ah battery for use with the mower with another one as a backup.

Super Lightweight machine

The Ryobi RY401090 is the lightest mower in our best electric lawn mower reviews list.

It weighs only 44.7 lbs. and clubbed with the self-propelled mechanism, you should be able to run through your lawn in short time.

The cutting deck is 20-inches and made of polymer. You can adjust the height from 1.5 in. to 3.75 in all at the touch of a single lever.

A possible downside is that you cannot side discharge. What if you have tall and wet grass that’s too big to mulch and you don’t want to bag?

Variable speed brushless motor

The Ryobi RY40190 comes with a 5.0Ah battery which should last for about an hour if the lawn is healthy and well cared for. On an overgrown lawn with lush grass, you can expect about 30 minutes of runtime.

Increasing the efficiency of the battery is a brushless motor. For folks who are new to this, if you have a single battery powering a cordless mower, a brushless motor is a must-have.

An intuitively placed sliding lever allows you to ramp up the speed if need be. As easy as this is to operate, you might find that you accidentally ramp up speed if you hit obstacles or while making a tight turn.

Coming to the performance, it cuts clean and even. Most importantly, it is as silent as a mouse.


• Self-propelled cordless mower
• 5.0Ah battery
• Extremely easy to use
• Single lever height adjustment
• 20-inch polymer cutting deck
• Telescopic handle
• Brushless motor
• Variable speed Sliding lever
• Extremely silent


• The sliding lever can get bumped accidentally increasing the speed.
• Cannot side discharge.

#5 – Earthwise 60420 – Budget Pick

If you are shopping on a tight budget and need a good quality electric lawn mower that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg, then you should seriously consider the Earthwise 60420.

This is a budget-priced cordless electric mower that has an impressive feature list.

There’s a 20-inch cutting deck, one-lever height adjustment and the ability to mulch, bag or side discharge.

Sounds too good to be true?

20-Pound bag

Despite having a slightly smaller cutting width, the Earthwise 60420 comes with a whopping 20-pound bag.

So, even if it takes multiple passes to cover the entire lawn, you won’t be stopping too frequently for emptying the bag.

At 52 pounds without the bag, the mower is light enough to maneuver.

But with a 20-pound bag attached to it, it transforms into a 72-pound machine which can be a tad difficult to push, especially if there are slopes.

So, this works best for small to medium-sized, flat yards.

Steel Cutting deck

The Earthwise 60420 comes with a steel cutting deck that can take a pounding and 9-inch wheels on the rear.
The handle is one of the best ones that we’ve seen in terms of comfort and handling.

It’s extremely easy to maneuver on flat terrain. But it would be a stretch on a yard with slopes.

Thankfully, these minor niggles apart, the mower is extremely efficient and cuts clean.

The dual-mounted 40V lithium-ion batteries combine to give you up to an hour of mowing time and it is extremely silent during operation.

Surprisingly enough for a mower at this price point, it does extremely well even with damp and overgrown grass.


• Budget-priced cordless electric mower
• Dual mounted 40V batteries
• Cuts clean
• Comes with a 20-pound bag
• Weighs only 52 pounds
• Stainless steel cutting deck
• 7 height adjustments


• Can weigh 72 pounds with the bag full
• Each battery takes 2 hours to charge

How we created the best electric mower reviews

Selecting the best electric mowers isn’t as difficult as it seems. You just need to ensure that you know what works best for the size of your yard and the type of turf on it.

Self-propelled vs. Push Behind Mowers

If it’s even, flat turf, a good quality push behind mower will work best for you. It will be a few hundred bucks cheaper than the self-propelled versions.

But if your yard has slopes, then you’ll thank yourself for not pinching pennies and opting for a self-propelled version. It makes the task so much easier.

Battery life

When it comes to cordless electric mowers, battery life is a critical part of its performance. There’s nothing more annoying than watching a mower sputter and die midway through the mow. That’s why we have picked both single as well as dual battery mounted mowers. If your lawn is more than 1/3 of an acre, we highly recommend a dual battery mounted mower like the Greenworks Pro or the Echo CLM-584AH.

Cutting deck

For medium-sized yards, 21-inches is the gold standard cutting deck width. However, if you have a small urban thumbnail sized lawn, then even a 20-inch cutting deck would suffice. Polymer continues to be the most desired deck material because it’s lightweight and doesn’t rust. But even stainless steel works fine as long as you cover the mower when you tuck it away for the long sleep.

Height adjustment

Most of the best electric lawn mowers have a 7 height increment setting with the option to cut as low as 0.75 inches and as high as 4 inches. This may vary from one brand to the other though.


You don’t want to be hauling a heavy mower in the hot sun. So, we have considered 55 pounds as an average ballpark figure to gauge the heaviness with. Barring the Greenworks Pro, all other mowers in this list weigh below 55.


Other than the essentials, we have also considered extra features like foldable handles, one-touch height adjustment levers and the ability to side discharge, bag and mulch while creating the best electric lawn mower reviews.

To sum it up

We hope that this helps you make an informed purchase while shopping for the best electric lawn mowers. Do write in to us with your experience with your favorite mower.

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